Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Sweethaven Summer- book review

Hey, creative peeps! How have you been? How was your 1st day of Summer? Mine was just another day at work in the AC, lol

Anyway, I just wanted to share a book review. Must read book by every Scrapbooker out their. I wanna introduce ....... 
A Sweethaven Summer by Courtney
A Sweethaven Summer by Courtney Walsh.

A Sweethaven Summer by Courtney
Courtney and I at Barnes & Nobles.

Okay, I have to admit. I don't like reading. I actual fall asleep while reading books. 
What is up with that? I know, I know it's crazy but I am honest.

I have tried to put words together about this book and make it sound like it is the best book I have ever read but to be honest it's only my 2nd book I have read from the beginning to the end. Crazy? Huh? It is a FANTASTIC book.

My review and my honest review is well lets just say I could totally see this in a
 "Lifetime Movie". Really! I cried. I laughed and cried more. 

You see as I was reading this I relieved moments in my life. I relieved the moments with my Dad sitting at the edge of my bed giving me advice. As I kept reading it it got better- chapter by chapter. I couldn't put it down one particular night. That night I realized that saving my memories and little notes I get from my Hubby, kids, family and friends I need to keep and scrapbook it. Because one day someone will sit around looking through those pages I have made.

This year God has put it in my heart to get together with my cousins at least once a month. This was before I read about the book. I knew Courtney was writing one but had no clue what it was about. Then a few months later I read it and was blown away that the kind of memory that was set in my heart is the kind that is in this story. You see not only one but two of my cousins found out that they have cancer. That hurt me badly but I trusted God. I trusted him that the idea about getting together with my cousins was his idea not mine. He knew that after 2 months of our get together we were going to need each other more then we thought. He knew that we were all going to support each other. That we were going to build memories and save them.That we were going to build each others faith.
I enjoy scrapbooking and taking lots of pictures. Rather bad pictures or good pictures, we need them. With that said after reading "A Sweethaven Summer" I knew that God made me in charge so I can keep the family memory alive. Memories in my books or our books to put together. I am so thankful that after all said and done that God speaks to us in all areas in which we are familiar in. "A Sweethaven Summer" is a SUPER FANTASTIC book for all readers and especially for those that preserve their memories on paper.

So, don't wait another day go get the book! Go visit Courtney
She has a gift for writing and its a inspiring to all!!!!

I can't wait till the 2nd series of "A Sweethaven Summer" called "A Sweethaven homecoming" is out in August 2012!! 

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