Wednesday, June 13, 2012

State Finals 2012

Hey, creative peeps! How are you doing this mid-week?
Did your summer start?
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I wanted to share a few things that maybe I meant to post but never got around to doing so.
My youngest son made it to State Finals for Shot Put and his Dad and I were so proud of him. First year trying out for the sport and going to the State Finals was a milestone in his and our lives.

This was the Parade- total of 2,580 kids!
State Finals 2012-Shableau
My son is in red t-shirt with his sleves in.
I can not tell you how incredible it was to see the view! I had tears in my eyes. Seeing how huge this event was. Like I was at championship. It was more then that it was the 'State Finals'. It was what the kids have been training for over a month and to do their best to the end. 
The best they have ever have been this season. Rather it was their 1st time ,like my son, or their 2nd year in this sport(s). I was proud of all these kids. Kids i didn't even know. Just the thought that they tried and some even pouring their hearts into it all.

state finals-shableau

state finals
Then their was a kid that tried to break the world record for the Pole Vault. He did amazing! The whole event was rooting for him. 
He did 14 FEET!!!!Wow!!!

My son had decide to go for the Shot Put and Discu for his 
3rd sport of his 7th grade year. 
He has never done it before but he is one that will try things just because. He was suppose to do it for fun, but when he found out that he can make it Stated Finals he was determined to make it and he did!
He made it to State for the Shot Put.
He is very competitive and very hard on himself. He always wants to do the best at everything. What a great way to end his 7th grade year. Just to be invited to State Finals was a HUGE thing.

This kid was for the 8th grade.

Taking a break after the 2 day State Finals.
This was amazing. I enjoyed this being part of my life.

shableau's awards
These were his awards.

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