Sunday, June 10, 2012

My reflection in my life.

Hello, I have been so bad in not crafting lately.
Do you ever get those weeks? Days?
I have lately been reflecting on my kids that are 21 and soon to be 14 years old.  I have not much time where my nest will be 100% empty. 
Yes, I took this picture. Don't you love the hair??
I enjoy my time alone in my craft room but I know that...

My Craft room

it is not the answer for all my emotions I am going through. I try to hang on to all my memories and the best way to do so is to have them on paper. That means I may take a break from doing cards as much. Although, I can't resist my son's drawings I may just get a few in but not as much.

Joseph's Image
That little boy is adorable and he makes me so proud. Is anyone hiring?? Lol, he wants to draw his little heart out and he enjoys it much.
My son
My oldest son-Joseph

My other son is a entreperneur ....

My son
My soon to be 14 year old-Joshua

This kid is always thinking of ways to make money and he likes to work. When he does he saves all his pennies. Those pennies you drop on the floor, guess who picks them up?
 I just have to end up with saying that i am so glad I can lean on God for all my reflections in life. One day i will be happy to know these kids will do above and beyond any ones expections.
So, these days have you reflected in anything?? 
Have you looked at your surrendings?


  1. It's okay Heidi...we all have those days! OMG I love the hair on that little birdie - awesome picture!! You have so much to be thankful for with 2 beautiful, strong and healthy boys. I am sure they are going to be successes in their own time! You have a fabulous craft room and we will all be waiting patiently for your next project - If you need motivation, check out Operation Write Home. Great way to give back to our soldiers :-) ((hugs))

  2. Hi,

    I know the feeling of dreading the empty nest - and it is a big change. But knowing the type of involved mother you are, your children, no matter what the age, will always be in your life in a big way. SO don't forget that! In the meantime, I will enjoy whatever you put on your blog and don't forget to have some "me" time!!

    Janette S.

    PS. Love the adorable birdie picture!!


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