Monday, December 15, 2014

Cookie idea

C2BU pic

Ideas for a cookie plate. 
C2BU pic
I have to be honest. I did NOT bake the cookies. I work at a doctor's office and we have many patients that bake for us.  I usually do make a few cookies but I just have not had a chance. 

C2BU pic
I embossed the saying Merry Christmas and love it!
 I wrote a personal note for all these little cards.

Those cookies are like FIVE inches round. They are perfect in taste. She made chocolate chip and oatmeal. When I displayed them on table no wanted to eat them. They asked "Who's cookies are those?" LoL, I laughed and said they are ours. Then within 1 hour they were all gone.  
C2BU pic
I was gladly able to use the New stamp that was released on 12/10/14 from A Creative Journey with Melissa. Click on pictures below to purchase them.

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 Those stamp are so easy and so versatile to use and 
so re these below!
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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Nick Name

Every so often I over think about making a project. I want so much or I want that BANG! HA! I think that is when I look at the finish work and say
 why? why? did I make that? LoL

With that said after a 5 hour work day I went straight to my craft room and made this card....

C2BU pic
Yup, I used my Cameo. Its been so long and the worm image was downloaded so long ago that 
I can't even remember where I got it. 
The words are from 
A Creative Journey with Melissa and you can go here to snatch those stamps!

Here is the whole card.. 
C2BU pic

Isn't that cute?! My youngest son-Josh's nickname is "Squirmy". Because as a baby he wouldn't stop moving. And still today he is very active. Well, that is the nickname I gave him but his big brother calls him "Junebug". He was born in June so that was his reason for the nickname.

Inside of card.
C2BU pic

So, hurry go grab these stamps! So much to create and you wont regret it! Click on picture to go to link.

C2BU pic

and this one...

C2BU pic

Do you have any nicknames for your kids?

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Creative Journey with Melissa NEW STAMPS release!

C2BU pic

Welcome to the monthly NEW RELEASES for A Creative Journey with Melissa. Normally, we have a new release Every second Wednesday of the month however in January, we will be going to the Craft and Hobby Association (CHA) Convention so 
we will NOT have a new stamp release in January. The Craft and Hobby Association (CHA)Convention is located in Anaheim, California and super close to Disneyland.  We are looking forward to learning some great new things! One of the BEST things about this convention is you get to see the latest and greatest of the Craft and Hobby Industry are shown BEFORE they are released to the public! Instead of new stamp releases we will be showing you the latest products BEFORE THEY ARE released to the public. It is an amazing show and we hope you will join us in our adventure. If you are creative, you are going to LOVE IT! It will feel like you are right there with us! To check out pictures from last year, go to our photo album HERE.  You will see some AMAZING THINGS and we can't wait to share them with you! If you are interested in finding out if you qualify to be a CHA member visit HERE! I am a Design Team member for A Creative Journey with Melissa and I am thrilled to be able to share these creations with you today. The new stamp releases are the Sentiments for all Occasions and the Sign Language Numbers - American Sign Language stamp sets. We are also highlighting our amazingly cute and versatile Everyday Alphabet stamp sets throughout this hop as well. I am highlighting the Everyday Alphabet stamp set for this blog hop.

Here is a project I have created using the 
Sign Language Numbers stamp set.
C2BU pic
C2BU pic
Isn't that stamp set just thee MOST unique stamp set EvER???!!!! Go ahead click on picture and get it NOW!!!

 C2BU pic

Here is a project I have created using the 
Sentiments for all Occasions stamp set.
C2BU pic

Don't you just LOVE the way this stamp set can be used in sooooo many ways?!!!!
C2BU pic
C2BU pic

Here is a picture of the stamp set 
C2BU pic

Here is a project I am highlighting using the 
Everyday Alphabet stamp set.
  C2BU pic
I really LIKE embossing and making that snowflake from my Cricut machine-which I miss a ton, lol Most of all the stamp set is super fantastic to work with!

One more project using the same stamp set...
C2BU pic 
I love making tags with pockets to put a 
quick gift card in it.

C2BU pic

Please be sure to hop along to each of the Design Team Member's blog, become a follower their blog if you aren’t already and answer the question correctly that they have posted to qualify for the giveaway.

The giveaway includes:
Sentiments for all Occasions stamp set
Sign Language Numbers - American Sign Language stamp set
Sizzix Embossing Folder set
Prima Flowers

My question is:

The Blog Hop line-up:


Alena NEXT!!!!

Please be sure to answer every question asked of you correctly on each blog and become a follower if you aren’t already. If you qualify, you will be entered in the giveaway for the three prizes if you do so! Entries for this blog hop will end Friday at 8 PM PT. Winners will be announced on Saturday on the A Creative Journey with Melissa's blog at You must contact Melissa with your shipping information via Facebook PM, comment on her blog or e-mail her within three days of the winning announcement blog post or your prize will be forfeited. US Residents only please. Thank you for your understanding.

Be sure to check back to see if you are a winner. Thanks so much for hopping along with us!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Winter Wishes

Hello, creative peeps! How busy are you? Me, I gotta keep track of 8 schedules and make them all work together. Out of those by the way is only 1 teenager that has 3 schedules on himself. My Hubby and I have have different shifts. Crazy crazy I say. So, I found a few minutes to get this super adorable project....
C2BU pic
Then I looked around and my craft room is a mess...
Want a.....
C2BU pic

Yup here.....
C2BU pic

That is just what is on the right of me.
I am going crazy not putting things away 
and in order.

But still had 12 inches to make this cute jar.
C2BU pic

Isn't that snowman cute???

C2BU pic

I used the stamp set by 
A Creative Journey by Melissa.
C2BU pic

Click on above picture and order it!!!!! You wont regret it. So much you can do with this stamp set. 
Let Melissa know I sent you. 

Friday, November 28, 2014

So Grateful

As the Holiday of being Thankful has passed I am reminded daily that I am SO GRATEFUL for so much. I had a difficult childhood but not the worse. Just mentally installed in me that at time I sit and tears roll down my cheeks. As a mother, God has reminded me that we have a choice. I made a choice to be thee best Mother I can be to my boys. We all make mistakes but as parents we stand behind them but still let them fall. 
C2BU pic

We don't just give up on them. We guide them. We speak to them no matter how many times they stumble. Even if it's the same reason over and over. Their are different kinds of humans. Some need to stumble more then others. I stumble in more areas in my life then other areas. Do you?
Being grateful for my life experience....
C2BU pic

that is what makes us stronger. Even if in that point of life doesn't seem like it will help me be 
stronger later.
 C2BU pic
But it will for sure.

I stamped the sentiment "SO GRATEFUL" all over and once I was done I was thinking of my past. I am grateful. I wont lie that at the moment of that season of my life I would never think I would be but I am.

C2BU pic
Love this card. 
Who knew making a card would bring back memories of what made me strong and so grateful. 
Have you ever had a creative idea bring 
back a memory of why your strong in your life?

I used this fabulous stamp set by 
A Creative Journey by Melissa.
C2BU pic

This stamp set and many many more are on SALE!!!
Click on stamp set of here....
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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

What a time of the year to just be THANKFUL!
C2BU pic
C2BU pic 
Simple but just the POINT to say 

I used this super fantastic stamp set, SEE BELOW! Click on Pic and GUESS WHAT IT'S ON SALE!!!!! WOOT! WOOT! TELL MELISSA  I SENT YOU......

C2BU pic

C2BU pic


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Fall Card

Man, oh man! We got hit with a few inches of snow. I was NOT prepared. This year I said I would be prepared  but oh nooooo, I was NOT!

C2BU pic
Wind was blowing everywhere. My /ice snow scrapper was in the garage. We only have 1 ice/snow scrapper. We were not prepared. We are just normal people that say "Next time we are at Wal-Mart we will it pick up." HA! It's been a year and we still have ONE! You wanna know how I cleaned my truck? With my brand new cute coat I had just bought the day before. I wanted to enjoy the FALL- where did it go? Sigh, I guess I still can make cards with the beautiful fall colors.
C2BU pic
Simple, easy and quick. Not much in the mood due to the S.N.O.W.
C2BU pic 

The stamp set I used was this..
Click it and order it. Tell Melissa from A Creative Journey with Melissa I sent you!
Isn't that super adorable? I love it!
Hope all are warm and safe, plus prepared!