Friday, July 24, 2015

CHA journey

I went to CHA to represent A Creative Journey with Melissa. It was a experience of a lifetime. I have gone to other CHAs and Scrapbook Expos that have been super fun and amazing. 

I learned that in this business it is really a huge competition and those that compete are really really serious about their passion in the creative world. So, it can be as a good view and also a bad view. When I buy from a company that says a lot about ME, right? I know when I make creative project(s) with a companies products I represent them, right? I make a statement saying I trust their product and love it, too. And with that said...

I gotta admit I had one bad experience. I was viewing a line of product in the booth and the way the lady represented was not kind, pleasant nor informative. I was in the booth for less then 5 minutes. Isn't the first impression thee most important? 
I think in many cases it is. 

Other then that ONE bad experience I had a SUPER FANTASTIC time. I was extremely excited about the new products that will be coming out soon. 

Sizzix was there and I was given permission to take photos. I have bought from this company since for like forever! I have several Sizzix dies- its like a warehouse in my craft room. Okay, okay maybe not that many but it does feel like it, LoL 

Every since I can remember when I go into their booth it has been a extremely pleasant experience. With that said here a some cool pictures...........

These dies are amazing and can't wait to get my hands on some of these. Well, adding to my collection is important, right? *giggle*


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