Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Holding on Tight

About two years ago I was really sick and I spent a lot of time in bed. Hubby even  bought me a 48 inch TV and hung it on the wall. I was coloring a lot with my Copics. Those months I went through was just a season that my oldest my son was moving out. Moving to another state. I was loosing my baby boy. Okay, okay not so much a baby but he is my 1st born.

I hold his heart near me so dear.
C2BU pic

One of my greatest thing I have done and still do is being a MOM. I love seeing my boys do above and beyond their imagination in life. 

As I was coloring the images I reminded myself that this is how I hold unto my kids' heart but I know that I need to let them be so they can be the men they were called to be. I only hinder them if I keep holding on to them that tight. Bitter sweet. 

C2BU pic

The image is by Magnolia- Tilda. I used the doilies to stamp the image then color with Copics. Then the super cute and soft yarn from my stash.
To hold it all together.... yes of course Helmar glue.

Have you ever tried DOILIES to stamp on?

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  1. Very sweet Haidee. Do you have to use less pressure when you color on the doily? I was trying to use a doily as a background (not stamping tho) the other day and did not like it. I think I need smaller doilies.
    P.S. You are a great mom!

    1. no i really didn't use less pressure. Juts less copics. Btw, thank you.


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