Thursday, March 19, 2015

Cards for Men and Boys

One of the hardest things to do is NOT to put cute stuff of bling on a card. Lol, making cards for men or boys is easy but
hard at the same time.

C2BU pic

Then we got CREATIVE gals like Melissa that came up with these super fun stamps that can make it happen! Making a card for my Hubby or Dad is now easier then EVER!!!!!

C2BU pic

I simply stamped on a white card stock added the google eyes. Made a kinda of rectangle embossed i. Cut the top center and bend it forward. And wallah you got a shirt, LoL

So, are you like me?! Do you have a hard time with Men or Boy cards? Sometimes it comes easy and other times its hard, huh?

Go get the stamp set and let Melissa know I sent you! Their is so much more to do with this stamp set. Click on picture.

C2BU pic


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