Monday, January 10, 2011

Got Cricut Cartridges??

This weekend was crazy... if you happen to go on FaceBook to the Michaels you would know what I mean. I have to admit I was not mad towards Michaels. Michaels, if you follow my blog Michaels is one of my best stores to shop. After what had happen to "Clearance Blow out Sale on Cricut Cartridges" well lets just say I was very blessed to have many choices but I just didn't think I needed ALL the ones I had in my hands. 
Since my Hubby was so excited about others girls getting the same deal going to 
Wal-Mart he thought to himself "I am going to try and if they say no , oh well". 
My super FANTASTIC Husband was able to get WAl-MART to compare the ad. NOT only that but he was able to compare it to the "Cricut Lite Cartridges".
 Isn't that crazy? 
Well, what do you think of my shopping spree this weekend???

Yes, they were all just $9.99 each!!!! The top 4 cartridges I ended up getting a two different Michaels and the rest were at Wal-Mart.

I also got one at JoAnn...

Yep, Tinker Bell for $24.99!!!

Well, I have lots to load unto to my Gypsy and by the way one of those carts I will be giving away in a future blog hop I am in at the end of month. Plus don't forget I will do blog candy if I reach 200 followers!!! Please let your crafty friends know.

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Wow lucky! I got nothing at M's because they started their sale a day earlier than posted. :(

    I had no idea WalMart was price matching their Lites!

  2. Great haul!! I got 2 at my M's! Wish I would have thought to try Walmart!

  3. Wow You go girl. You snagged quite a bit. I was so temped to go to Michael's on Sat. but just kept driving past. LOL My youngest son is turning 5 and I really wanted to take him to Chuckie E Cheese but funds won't allow a party there so we having something here instead. ;0) I didn't think it seemed fair if I were to come home with some goodies. Looking forward to your hops!

  4. That's great. Our Walmart wouldn't price match the lites. I'm glad you got a great deal and hope you have fun creating new and fun projects!

  5. I went to my M's on Friday to get something and there were no cricut cartridges. Went back Sat for the 9.99 sale and there still wasnt any. I was very disappointed.

  6. Wow!! Good for you...these should keep you busy for a while!! I set out to find Hello Kitty for my 7 yr-old daughter but it wasn't on sale for 9.99 around here. :-(

    Have fun!
    ~Sharon C.


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