Thursday, December 9, 2010

Jolly Holidays Cricut Cartridge

Working on these boxes and it was super easy. You know all those empty plastic boxes your Cricut cartridges came in and you have hanging around?? Well, I am grateful that this idea came to me. I started with small plastic boxes I had laying around then I liked them so much. But I only had two. I need to make more. Then I remembered that I have just a few empty plastic boxes from all the cartridges I have bought. Notice I said a few, lol.
Then this happen...

Smaller ones are the ones I started with. Then it came to mind to use the empty plastic boxes where my Cricut cartridges came in.

So you may be wondering what is that inside the boxes. Well, they are rocks, Yep, chocolate rocks. I like to be unique and not the same old stuff. 



Don't forget to stop by tomorrow. I have another great idea for those pets in your life for Christmas. We can't forget our furry friends/family members, lol.


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  1. Fantastic idea! What a great way to recycle :O)

  2. OH I just threw one away. UGGG! I needed to see this a couple of days ago. OH well a girl can never have too many cartridges. LOL TFS. Love chocolate rocks- freaked my boys out on day I bought them, I told my daughter to show her brothers the pretty rock she found, then she ate it. Should have seen their faces. Hilarious! LOL

  3. I just love your idea! And chocolate rocks? I HAVE to find those! :)


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