Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I have not used my SCAL for a while. Since it always seemed to freeze up after 3 cuts. My Hubby bought me a new laptop and we downloaded the SCAL to Windows. It seems to work better but then it froze it again. Keep in mind I do have the first SCAL that came out. When I was up at CHA during the summer and I went to the booth were they had the SCAL and I found out that they have a new version and they fixed the glitch but I was not going to purchase the new version. I guess you can say I will put up with the freezing. I just have to remember to safe my job before it freezes up, lol.

Well. here is a few things I liked...

I have not finished the whole idea of what to do with these yet but I have a few thoughts.



  1. Ha it may not freeze if you change the farmware on the cricut to a older verzon baby cakes.


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