Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cricut Imagine and Cake Basics Cricut cartridge

Their is something about butterflies I really like. I guess it reminds me of life. 

I used vellum and my Cricut Imagine. I was worried that the ink may bleed or it may stay on top of the vellum, but nope it worked out GREAT! The cut was perfect and well the rest just came all together.

I did use the Cuttlebug to give it a unique look.

Inside the card.

This all the stuff I used for my card. See the "J" roller?  I may end up spray painting the "J" roller and adding a scrapbooking flavor to it. It worked great! I was so glad my Hubby got it. The paper sticked very good on the mat now, after applying the pressure with the roller. I highly request for some type of roller to make your paper stick to mat. This roller was $12.98 at Home Depot.

                Have a SUPER FANTASTIC DAY!!!

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