Saturday, June 20, 2015

Father's Day Card

Well it's almost Father's Day and not much is done around this time for the Fathers. Even the world admits that is not as popular to do as EPIC as we do for the Mothers. Sad but it's true. I remember when I was younger my family would do a cook out. But guess who cooked out in the grill? Yup, my Dad. My Mom would do all the yummy stuff inside that was not able to on a grill. But we all ate very yummy stuff. With always having corn on the comb. Burnt from the outside and perfect in the inside...

C2BU pic

Plus, we had all the cousins over all the time too. Memories that will last forever. Although, my Dad no longer lives in the same state but we text a lot and he is always sending me silly text. With silly pictures too. He not only does it to me but my Brothers and Sister too. Oh, he also does it to my kids-which is the best, LoL.

What are some of your memories as a childhood on Father's Day?

Last night I put together this card for my Hubby. He is the most amazing Father I know. He is always thinking about his kids before himself. Since day ONE. The most unselfish man I know. Doesn't ask for much but a clean home and home cooked meals. Not much but he is so well worth all that just needs.

C2BU pic

Isn't that a super fantastic card? Unique shape and so perfect for a men.

C2BU pic

That is the side view of the card. It's a MUST have die cut and stamp sets for sure.

C2BU pic

The stamp sets I used to make it perfect are...

C2BU pic              C2BU pic

Go visit her on her FaceBook and say "Hi" and maybe even LIKE her page but don't forget to pick those stamp sets. The stamp sets are called Photo Booth Fun and Everyday Alphabet Outline Upper and Lower Case.

Then I picked this die set....
C2BU pic C2BU pic
By Sizzix item number 559211

I gotta be honest I was a little afraid when I saw it had 22 dies in this kit. But heck its NO different then cutting up on my Cricut machine or doing digital images. So, why not try the dies? By the way I did use the Cuttlebug for the dies.

As always I use this super fantastic glue...

C2BU pic

I can even purchase it at one of my favorite stores too. At Hobby Lobby with a coupon. I am a coupon kind of gal.

I had used this paper pack bought at Michaels, another favorite store of mine. It's called Regent Street and the paper was perfect that had the top hats on them. Thick good paper and well worth the money spent with a coupon, of course.
C2BU pic

Hope you enjoyed and DON'T forget to get the STAMP SETS!



  1. Love your creation!!!!! I love how u used the die cut design, stamps and color scheme. Awesome!!!

  2. Wow Haidee! This card cut is unique. You decorated so lovely. Very good work!

  3. fabulous easel card.. great images.. super cool BL

  4. I am loving this masculine card!!! The look and the feel of this card is perfect for any father on fathers day!! I am in love with the stamp set and coordinating dies! I am going to have to check those out!! Whoop Whoo!!! Loves- Madge BL


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