Saturday, February 14, 2015


Hello, I have had a amazing life. I know that without love in it, it would not mean much. Love is everything. On top of what you do it makes life easier with LOVE in it. Doing for others or just being their for others too. The greatest LOVE I have learn is God's LOVE. Plain and simple. I would not be the person I am if
LOVE was not in my life.

C2BU pic

I got these.
 C2BU pic
C2BU pic C2BU pic

I really know that LOVE is all that holds my LIFE together.
My life without LOVE I am lost.

Not a typical Valentine's project or saying but LOVE is the best feeling in life.

Hope you had tons of LOVE on this day.


I used cardstock and used the ATG gun to glue together. Before that I used  the stamp set, to stamp the words, called Words of God- PERFECT for Valentine's day too. Stamp set by 
A Creative Journey with Melissa.
Click on picture to get the stamp set and more.
All the HEARTS are from variety of 
A Creative Journey with Melissa. 
Go check out the stamps!


  1. Awesome! Love what you did here. Always thinking outside of the box.. LOVE!!

  2. Very sweet. I like this is appropriate for Vday. I see it as a day of telling others you love them. And a great reminder that God loves them too.


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