Saturday, November 1, 2014

Winter and Trees

Friday morning I woke up to snow, ekkk! I was really sad. I was really cold. I was not prepared. I was just plain cold. This was the 1st day of Football finals and we were due to be at the football field by 6:45 p.m. and it was going to be super windy too. As my son and I were heading up to his school I was complaing about how cold it will be that evening. Then with his sincere voice he said "You can wear my coat" the coat he was talking about was this...
C2BU pic
My heart melted. Yes, because this kid always thinks of others. I didn't want to hurt his feelings and said "Thank you, buddy". So, with honors I wore his coat and forgot to take a picture while at the game.

With that said I wanted to express my feeling of the coldness and made this super cute card with snow.
C2BU pic
I used this product for the look of snow. 
I just simply swirled it.
 C2BU pic
Couldn't have made card without this
 SUPER FANTASTIC stamp set by 
A Creative Journey with Melissa
name of set is "You're Snow Wonderful"
Isn't that a adorable title? 

C2BU pic

Click on picture to purchase it and let 
Melissa know I sent you!!!

Here is the full card.

C2BU pic



  1. What a gentleman you have! Your card is so adorable! BL. Sarah

  2. You have trained him well. Your card is very nice and it does look like snow. BL

  3. Very pretty card, love al of the sparkle! The snow looks amazing with the liquid pearls! BL

  4. hmm...I might have some of that stuff, or something like it. great idea! BIF Greetings!

  5. Great card! I hadn't thought of using Liquid Pearls! Thanks for the great idea!
    Darcy BIF

  6. How fun and what a great card!!! And wowza what a gentleman you have! loves-madge BL

  7. Love this card! Liquid pearls is one of my favorite things to use!
    Miranda :) BL

  8. Gorgeous card! Amazing job with those pearls!!

    Jenny (BL)


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