Saturday, November 17, 2012

"They All Matter" Lets Find a Cure

Welcome to the "They All Matter" Lets Find a Cure Blog Hop. If you came from Pam's blog @ MzLavr2's Creations then your in the right path if not you can start in the beginning with our hostess Lisa @ Honey Bearz Designs. She has done a outstanding job in answering lots of questions and has ton of great answers.
This is mainly a hop to bring awareness to all the different cancers their are.

It's a very hard thing to talk about because my Father-in-law just lost his battle this past Monday to "lung" cancer. Although, it's hard to talk about it can also be a good thing to express my feelings. He was diagnosed with lung cancer about 3 years ago and he made the decision not to get any treatment. We all make decision that maybe the next person would never come to understand. My Father-in-law was a heavy smoker and it was not a surprise to him he had lung cancer. His mother had just passed away about 3 years ago also to lung cancer. She too was a heavy smoker. 
As I saw these things occur I thank God that my Hubby stopped cold turkey from smoking almost 10+ years ago.
A picture of my Hubby with his Dad. So, that you can put a picture in your mind.

These few years have been hard. With in 1 year 2 of my Uncles passed away from cancer too. 


I miss them very much. I know we are to let you know the awareness of all these different kind of cancers but you know one thing that I came to realize? That my family has never been any stronger. Their was always someone 24 hours around the clock to take care of my Uncles. Both of my Uncles passed away at home. While at their home their was a family or a friend always bringing food or beverage to their home. We knew that going through though times we forget to eat or shop for anything. Day, afternoon or late night their was people and family around. The support my family had was just a huge blessing to my Uncles.

Going through these times meant to me that family matter so much. Friends were their making sure we had it together. Plus, our church family was the glue to all of us all. how beautiful is that?

With that said the beginning of this year 2 of my cousins got diagnosed with cancer.
My cousin is blessed to be a breast cancer survivor!! Keep those prayers coming!! She is a fighter and no matter how times in life knocks her down she gets back up.

Then my other cousins which is still fighting her colon cancer battle but she is not done fighting. She always has a smile on her face and I don't know how she does it but she does.


Once again I can not express to you how much we are all their for each other. How we have grown so tight and keep faith that we will be okay.

All I can say about cancer is that I pray that their will be a cure for all kinds of cancer and that family matters the most.

I am the last stop and  we all want you to know that 'THEY ALL MATTER" to us.

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  1. I cannot get over what an amazing idea this was for a blog hop. I have had so many friends and family affected by cancer. I can't wait until all cancer is curable and detectable. Hope to see you following back very soon!


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