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Welcome to "My Favorite Things Blog Hop"!!
Please start the fun here with Creations by Gill M.
If you came from Debbees CDs your in the right place!!!

So, let the fun begin, hehehe

So, I am sure you have some favorite things... well I sure do. I actually have a few things that are my favorite but I just can't share them all, lol
One of my favorite things are KEYS, yep keys....
the older the better. I collect them. Yes, collect because I can never see me using the keys on projects here are a few...

Okay, okay so I have way more but as I said I can't show you all of it, hehehe
I just really think that keys keep lots of secrets and they keep things safe. Like my Hubby has the key to my heart. My kids have the key to my heart and so on. I just really like keys. All kind of shapes and color. Keys open doors to our next destination. Okay, enough about keys.

Also, "My Favorite Thing" my room.....
My Scrapbooking Room
This is looking to the left.
My Scrapbooking Room
This is looking to othe right.

Yes, that is one my favorite things-my ROOM.
I have just another thing to share with you... My son's IMAGES. As long as I can remember he has always liked drawing. It comes so easy for him. No big deal. I can just say draw this and he does it. No erasing or tracing. He says he needs ideas-which I have tons, lol
Joseph's Image
So, the print out is from my NEW Cricut cartridge that Hubby bought me- Baby Boutique. You can read more on how this cartridge was revealed to me on Facebook!!! lol

One but never the least favorite is- God. Yup! My blog is named 
created2bunique NOT because my projetcs are unique it's because I 
was created to be unique, really.

I am so glad that my favourite things are things I can share with my creative friends :) family and friends!!!!

So, just one question for you. 
What is one of your favourite thing???

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  1. I know why you love your room it is brilliant and I wish mine was like it - keys would be great to lock up my chocolate!!

  2. I WANT YOUR ROOM!!!! Oh Wow.. it is amazing... all that space for creativity.... Lucky you! Love the Keys too... old keys are lovely, much better than the ones of today! Happy Hopping! xxxx

  3. Wow Haidee! Your room is fabulous, you are one lucky girl to have all that stuff and a huge room to put it. I think my new favorite thing is your room, next to snowmen. Happy crafting. Love the image.

  4. Haidee! I thought I was organised in my room but you beat me hands down! I love your room and keys are a fab item to have as your favourites! The image of the dog by your son is awesome too. Have a fab hop and great hopping with you too. :)

    Linda xxxx

  5. Amazing room, how fun to create there. Love Tim Holtz stuff especially keys but I am with you I love keys. TFS

  6. I am definitely mega jealous of your craft room! So organized and efficient looking. Very impressive! X Denise

  7. Your son needs to be selling digital images!!

  8. Fun room Haidee! I love keys too! Your sons images are terrific!

  9. Love love love your space. I love keys too!

  10. Love your blog! I am a new follower thanks to this wonderful hop! I love your blog name and the reason behind it even more!

    One of my favorite things is finding inspiration for crafting from hops and fellow crafters! Thanks for sharing!


  11. I love your room! I want one that big!!! Your son's drawing is great!

  12. I looooooooooooove your room.... your son is soooo talented!!!!!:) Happy Thanksgiving ...lindaplusthree at yahoo dot com

  13. Love how organized your room is, not just because it is so big. I have a bedroom, but I have no organization whatever!

  14. OMG I am in love with your craft room! *swoon*! Your son is super talented as well, runs in the family I see ;)

    My favorite thing is, well my kids, my hubby, fuzzy jammies, Tinkerbell....oh I could go on and on =)

  15. Your craft room is breath taking. I've been drooling over it for awhile now lol.
    glamoroussideofscrapping at gmail dot com

  16. WOW! WOW! WOW! Haidee! For a number of reasons....1 - your room - is awesome (I don't say that often as I'm not American and I think it's suited to an American accent!) so that shows you how "WOW!" I think it is! 2 - Your sons' image - amazing!!

    Everything is fantastic!

    Well done!

    Sorry for the lateness of this comment. Was working all weekend and then got caught up with other stuff when I got home!

    Lisa xx

  17. Oh Boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!I thought I had a fun organized craft room, but you WIN!!! What's not to enjoy in that room. You certainly have the key to creativity in your family. Your son's work is awesome! TFS New follower and if you have other views of your room with storage ideas, please let me would help my O.C.D.!!!
    Hope you can stop by & say hi.
    Creative wishes,

  18. OOPS! forgot to mention my fav thing is my craft room also!!!

  19. O my, what a fun & fab scrap room! I wish I had one like this! My fave thing would be having my kids: a daughter & a son.

  20. oh my, I totally love this post a your craft room and it is so big! with loads of yummylicious things inside, not to forget you have so much gadgets!!! thanks for sharing.

  21. Here i am at long last to blog hop. WOW WOW WOW how fantastic is your room - its like a craft shop showroom type room. You are one lucky lady.
    Thank you for sharing your fav things and i love your sons new doggie image - he is really talented and definately has a career in front of him.
    YOU rock !
    Thanks for taking part in the hop.

  22. wow looking at your craft room is my favorite thing right now I just love it girl you are so lucky Hugs Debbie


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