Friday, October 7, 2011

Winner of the Breast cancer Awarence!!!

Good morning!! Yes, it's Friday and I have tons of Baby Shower Invites to create :)
Before I forget again I want to announce the winner for the Blog Hop of the Breast Cancer Awarence>>>>

Theresa said
"I love this, so fantastic that all of you wonderful artists have come together to bring awareness. I have had this disease hit to close to home to many times and I am always so emotional when I see so many women come together."

contact me here with your addy :)

Just some quick personal stuff...
We spend some time this past weekend at the near
 by Park District...
Hubby and I

This is Hubby and  I, which by the way he rocks. I am trying every weekend to do something small with this wonderful Husband of mine. He supports everything I do or what I don't do. I am selfish and when I need to finish a hop or make a project -he supports me 100%.  I only wish I could be like that for him. I try to but it doesn't always work. My kids are 13 and 20 and well... I don't feel as needed. I enjoy this blog thing and Facebook way too much. 
It's bad and it is good. 

He takes picture with me and he knows where they will go up. He looked on Google and he said my name is blaster everywhere. I said "I know". He was not so thrilled. I enjoy taking pics but not of me, hehehehe. he wonders where all this goes. I hope to a good place. I often wonder too why do I do it?? I came to realize because I LIKE to share my creativity that God gives me with my crative friends.

This was us at the Zoo. I got to hold Sky-baby cougar. So soft and cuddle.
Sky, Hubby and I

My Hubby in the other hand couldn't get 
enough of the horse(s)...

Hubby and Horse

We even made it to the Apple Orchard....
Edwards Apple Orchard
By the way they have the BEST dougnuts EVER!!!!!!

Milford Sound in New Zealand

Okay, enough of personal mushy stuff, lol
Onto to work then creating later this evening, yah!!!


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  1. Hi Haidee! The pictures are wonderful and I am so happy that you have such a loving and wonderful hubby! Give him a high 5 for me! Thanks for sharing!
    Congrats to Theresa on winning, too!


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