Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Last night I actually got on my bike and my butt is feeling it, lol.
I am trying to loose a few pounds before meeting some of you at CHA-Chicago. Hubby will be with me because he supports my hobby that much.
My pitt bulls will guarding my home. Plus, last night we almost got another pitt bull. 4 weeks old and its black and white-free!
If I see that pitt, I know I will fall in love.

Any way, I am in the process of making 4 scrapbooking layouts. Since I rode the bike for a hour I was looking at all the mess I created just getting out the stuff I need to make the layouts. Does that happen to you? Do you work on more then one layout? I have a huge table and they are spread out.

Later I will post :)


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