Saturday, March 26, 2011


Please start here with Sandra!!

For the bunny card I used the Kate's ABC's Cricut Cartridge and I am so happy my Hubby made me buy it, lol. I really like this cartridge. It was so simple and easy to use. I used the textured cardstock (white) from Colorbok collection. I did use my Sizzix Pro Shot to emboss the card. Thanks to Glue Dots I used the mini dots to put all those tiny pieces together. I was the fan of the week and I ended up getting free products from them on Facebook. Go give them some love here and let them I sent you and just maybe you could be the FAN OF THE WEEK. I did also use the ATG gun for the frame on background.

Imagine That Blog Hop Lineup
1. Sandra   START
2. Elsa
3. Monica
4. Pam
5. Nadia
6. Laurel
7. Lezlye
9. Mistyrose
11. Lauren
12. Kristen
13.Haidee  ME!!!
14.Giselle  NEXT
16. Darlene
18. Kristin
19. Candice
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  1. I knew I had to have the imagine when I heard about it. However, I have not played with it much that to Sandra and all of you I have got the imagine bug now!!

  2. Cute cards! I like the idea of the Imagine because I really like that you can print your own coordinating papers and die cuts.

  3. Forgot to leave my email address too!
    Thanks for the chance to win!!
    jtg0398 at sbcglobal dot net

  4. Love your cards!! I SOOO love being able to print my own paper and as much as I want!! I'm hooked on the patterns!!!


  5. Wow! What a great cards!! I am following your blog!

    Hugs Iryna

  6. I don't have an imagine, but I'm seeing so many great things that I may just have to start an imagine fund. Thank you so much for the beautiful inspirations. I really want Kate's ABC cart. I'll be checking daily for new ideas.

  7. What darling cards! I love the cute bunny! Makes me want to start my Easter cards. (And buy that cart, lol.) I really like the idea of the Imagine, but I wonder if I would neglect my Expression if I got it. Plus, where would I put it? I think I may get it once my Expression falls apart.

  8. Cute cards... I love the idea of the imagine and would love to have one but it's a bit costly.

  9. Lovely cards as always! I like the idea of Imagine, for fact it cuts & prints. It would seem easier to coordinate a project that way.

    Hummer Hugs,
    hummingbird204 at comcast dot net

  10. I like the cards, especially the bunny one. I like the idea that you can print color and cut at the same time. Thanks for sharing and the chance to win.

  11. These cards are adorable! I do like the idea of the Imagine because my main obsession is patterned paper, but I hate to use the paper I love in case I can't find it again. This solves both patterns coming out all the time, and unlimited printing ability so I never have to feel sad about using it up! hahaha

  12. I really want both of those cartridges. Baby Steps is top on my list. So exciting! Thanks for the fun. Hugs- Glora

  13. Do I like the idea of the Imagine. Yes, and No. I don't have one, but I think the perks are that you can use plain white cardstock, and cut and print at the same time. The down fall is that you only have limited patterns, and you have to buy ink. I think its a give and take. I have never played with one, but I am sure if I got the chance I would think it was pretty sweet! Thanks for the chance to win this cart. I am going to Paris this summer, so it is on my list of ones to get after my summer trip!

    cherie.goyer at

  14. YOr cards are really nice... tfs..

    I love my imagine at time and at other I hate it.. is nice to be able to create and color your images like you like.. but when Im cutting... and for no reason it goes of alignment.. ahhh hate it then.. calibrating again for no reason..

    But I getting to know her better and better...


  15. LOVED seeing you use the other cartridges in your imagine. Thanks for the idea - your projects are fantastic!!

  16. Fantastic job. i really like the bunny card. I like the idea of the imagine, because you can color the die cut to match your layout.
    Everything is so detailed on it.

    at yahoo
    dot com

  17. so cute love it what a great project


  18. I like that the imagine gives projects a different look. However, I will never own one. I don't feel the need to buy all those ink cartridges when I can use my expression and patterned paper to get something just as cute. I think its really expensive and has too many problems. I'll stick with my pride and joy (the expression).


  19. I like the idea of print and cut. As a digi scrapper I would love to use the patterns I already own though.
    username at yahoo dot com

  20. dorable projects and I love the Imagine because it can print and cut and with the updates it'[ll only IMPROVE;0)...TFS
    Sheri G

  21. The bunny is super cute! Thanks for a chance at some great blog candy and being in a great blog hop! I am a new follower.
    Maria S.
    scrapbooknut2002 at yahoo dot com

  22. Cute cards. Not sure yet if I want the Imagine. It would be nice to have so you can use plain white paper but the expense of the ink and the carts. just keep holding me back.

  23. Cute cards, love that bunny, my fav!
    I am on my second Imagine! and like the diversity of it!

  24. Love your project.
    I don't use my cricut enough to jump to the imagine. Maybe I should take a class first....
    jayco@pacbell dot net

  25. Beautiful cards!! Just ordered an Imagine and cant wait to receive it!! TFS!! I am your newest follower!! Jennifer (

  26. The Imagine is on my wish list. I have the baby bug and the Expression so I am on my way to the Imagine. Love your work.

  27. I love the imagine because of the creativity of papers.. a look you may want at that very moment of creativity. seriously what Lss is open at midnight or 2am.. LOL but seriously... I love paper and i can cut what i want instead of the buckets and buckets of scraps.. and the thought of changing the looks to whatever pattern or color i want over and over again.. LOL NOW with that being said.... I need an IMAGINE!! (sigh...) Doris

  28. Adorable cards! Even though I don't own an imagine, I love how it can print patterns and colour. That way you don't always need to by coloured cardstock all the time - just white. TFS.
    smile4jenn at hotmail dot com

  29. These cards are so cute!!! I really want Kate's ABCs. You did such an awesome job on this hop. TFS!

  30. love the idea of the imagine! don't have one but maybe someday:) great projects ! and wonderful candy TFS :)


    the condes at gmail dot com

  31. Super cute cards!! I love both of them!! :) Laurel

  32. What a good idea to print on the glitter paper. I'll have to try that out. :) Love both projects. Glad I could be in the hop w/ you!


  33. Beautiful job on both cards!! So cute!! I've had mixed feelings about the Imagine. I love the hands-on with the paper matching that you have to do with the Cricut. But after going through the hop, it seems like it can help simplify as far as paper goes. My only other problem is the cost, my budget just won't allow it. Long story short - I'm still on the fence. :) Thanks for the chance!! :)

    Celeste B.
    mctdbillman at gmail dot com

  34. BOth cards are super adorable.

  35. I love the idea of the imagine because it is everything you need together a printer and a die cut machine that you can use together. Loved your cards. TFs.
    debbie_craine at hot mail dot com

  36. Very nice! This blog hop is making me think I need an Imagine! Answer to your question...I LOVE the idea of the Imagine, especially if it only took you 15 minutes to make your cards! WOW!


  37. Great cards! I love how fast your were able to put them together.

  38. I like your cards and both of the
    carts you used... I just got my Imagine and Im taking a class with MCC starting Monday, Im so excited.

  39. I love these ideas and I love that you are giving away an awesome cartridge.

  40. Your cards are sooo cute, I really like the idea of the Imagine, I think it makes matching up cordinating embellishments so much easier, it's still on my wish list but hopefully soon!! Thanks
    miller896042 at bellsouth dot net

  41. Such sweet cards! I like the Imagine because I really like that you can print your own coordinating papers and die cuts.

  42. Wow! I love it! Thanks for a chance to win! I am a follower! I love the imagine bc it lets you be creative.


  43. Just delightful, Haidee. Love your creativity!

    I am already a follower. Great blog!

  44. Cute cards! :-)

    I love the idea of the Imagine (I just got mine this past week!) because it adds so much possibility to the cartridges that I already have and give them all a new life! And it's sooooo super easy!

    Thanks for sharing your inspiration with us!

    cricutingcarol @

  45. Love the Imagine, but trying to learn more about it!! Simple easy cards in no time! Thanks for sharing.

  46. Great cards! I got the Imagine for Christmas and have only made a handful of projects with it. I do love it and love the idea that it prints and cuts and you just have to use white paper and not have to fuss with picking out the right colors! I hope to have some more time to use it! Great inspiration along the hop!
    ~Jeannine (

  47. I loved your cards and the idea that it only took you 15 mins each. I do like the idea of the Imagine, I just wish I had enough money to by one, lol, one thing at a time. Just upgraded to the Expression a couple of months ago. Thanks for sharing and I am a new follower.

    Marcy S.

  48. I can tell you are having a blast with your Imagine and that's what crafting is all about - thanks for sharing your fun and passion w/ great projects!
    pam_lash at yahoo dot com

  49. First of all, love your creations!
    As far as the imagine, it is probable not something that I will be purchasing. When I look at the cost to purchase, plus the materials needed to use the equipment, I don't think it is worth it. I am sure it has its place with a lot of good uses, but not for me.

  50. very cute card

  51. I do not have the Imagine,but I would think the cutting and color at same time would be nice, Nice projects. I am a follower.

  52. Hey girlie, very cute cards!! Love the cute lit cuts you used and the soft colors!! I'm your newest follower! So glad to have worked with you on the hop!!!

  53. Very cute card!!! I love the idea of the imagine....just wish I could afford it! LOL I like that you can make your own papers, so no more trying to find that perfect paper scrap to match your layout! :)
    sweetheartcopper at msn dot com

  54. Of course I love the Imagine. I am a proud owner. I love how you can put all the patterns and all the colors onto all the cartridges you already own and you can save so much paper and time. Very eco-friendly in my eyes. Plus, you can get so incredibly creative with it! I'm in love for sure. :0)

    I'd love this cartridge! It's one of the ones I don't own so yay! Thanks again. :0)

    XO ~ Amy Jo (Happy New Follower)
    amyjrockstar at gmail dot com

  55. Beautiful job!!! I love my imagine because of the all together layering! Wish you could get the reg carts to do that but thats ok!! Plus adding patterns is another awesome feature!!!

    kmbrlysue22 at yahoo dot com

  56. Hi, Haidee! Both of your projects are adorable and I like that you did something out of the ordinary with your first card. I have been following you for a while now and I always enjoy seeing your creations. Thanks for the inspiration and for a chance to win some cool blog candy!

    lucyblueeyz at yahoo dot com

  57. I love that if I want to make a character on the Imagine all I need is RBG codes and I can cut it on one or two sheets of paper! Instead of pulling out 8 or 9 colors and hoping they are close enough.

  58. I love it,,yes, I need an Imagine!!!
    iv'e seen such great projects!!!
    follow me~~

  59. I love your cute cards! It's so amazing how fast we can make cards, layouts, etc huh! That's why I love it because its fast and its like magic! I think it's cute that your hubby made you buy Kate's ABC's LOL! I wish my hubby would say that to me instead of "Another cartridge??"" LOL! Thanks for being on my hop!

  60. I love the idea of the Imagine, wish I had one. I think that the best thing about it is you always have the paper you want. No last minute running to the craft store to buy that perfect paper for your project.
    cstephenson at q dot com

  61. OMG! Your cards are just so cute, I love the colours! TFS!

  62. I love that baby steps cart too...I just love my new I...just rerally starting to play with it..I am in the process of making a memory box for my granddaughter and I am using my I loving it just loving it...

  63. Cute cards. I don't have an Imagine but I like that you can print right on cards. Seems like it would be much faster to do. Great hop as I am getting a good idea about the Imagine. TFS
    lfuchs1 at wi. rr. com

  64. ooh! I love the bunny card. And that baby is so cute!
    I love the Imagine!! Wasn't sure I wanted it at first, but Inow I love it!


  65. Cute cards! The imagine is looking better and better to me......

  66. Cute cards, I love that the imagine card print paper from a blank sheet of paper so that I never run out of a certain paper.
    Katsews at gmail dotcom

  67. I love the idea of printing my own paper with the imagine. So neat.

  68. I love your cards! TFS

  69. Really cute cards! I love my Imagine because it lets me coordinated all of my page elements! Thanks for the chance to win!
    qtme2003 at yahoo dot ca

  70. Thanks for sharing your great cards! I am already a follower.
    I LOVE my Imagine more and more every day. And after this hop I can hardly wait to work with it tomorrow!
    I like it because of the coloring. I hated using carts like the Disney ones where I had to change paper so many times. But now I don't and it goes so much quicker.
    ScrappinAnn at gmail dot com

  71. Thanks so much for sharing your inspirational project with us i cant wait to see what you create next i really want one of these so badly i can taste it i have a regular cricut expression that i adore so i can imagine how i will feel about this one thanks again
    loves and hugs
    'Heather mitchell


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