Thursday, February 3, 2011

Quick layout...

I was going through my box I had when I was re-organized my room about 
4 months ago. I found some articles I meant to put on layouts.

This is one is someone I really look up to. I read her blog in secret. What I mean by that is that I rarely leave a comment. Why? You may thinking when I said I look up to her. Well, it's because I usually cry and she makes me think about how strong I should be. Even though she is going through the situation herself I feel as if she is reading my inner thoughts and reading my heart. She has a outstanding way of expressing herself that it "wows" me. She really is a FANTASTIC writer. She has some books out 
their published for scrapbooking
 and has some other books up her sleeve. 
Please enjoy...

Purpose of the layout is to preserve the memory of a dear friend.

Click on photo to read the whole article!!!!! 

You can check out her blog site here...
Please send her some love.



  1. Haidee! This is sooo sweet! I haven't even scrapbooked this article! lol :) You need to comment on my blog because I love to stay up with what's going on in your life! Love you, girl!

    :) P.S. Later today on my blog I'm doing a cool giveaway I think you will LOVE!! :)

  2. WOW. Great layout. I'm going to her blog now.

  3. I LOVE COURTNEY-and LOVE that book! SO happy for her. FABULOUS!


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