Monday, February 7, 2011

Don't be surprised by success!

I am so happy I can start making my scrapbook layouts for my boys. They are getting older and well I have not even hit half of their pictures. I hope you catch up on your scrapbook layouts. I only have two boys & well I really need to catch up. Hope it inspires you to get cracking on your pages. No matter how simple or unique it is. 
Just a little tip... hide secret messages on the pages. So when they actually read and browse the pages it will mean a lot more. Maybe even a few bucks.

My son is now twenty years old and well its hard for me to let go. I love the man he is becoming and I pray to God that doors will open for him and no men can shut. You know how it is to pray for BIG things to happen to your kids?

Paper is from Chatter box and the tags are from
 My Minds Eye, Inc.- this & that tags & things.


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  1. I so need to do some scrapbooking, I have 43 yrs of photos, all my parent and all my in-laws photos too. I am overwhelmed and starting to sort photos. I have only done a few pages. Any suggestion on sorting and starting.


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