Saturday, October 23, 2010

One hour challenge-weekend edition!

From Club Creating Keepsakes Facebook.

"For a fun handmade look create a quilted background. Simply cut four 4x4 squares of patterned paper and put them together. In the next 60 minutes, complete a layout with a quilted background (stitching optional).  By participating, you'll use up your stash, complete a project, or even have the chance to win one of two studio calico kits."

So, I have my whole layout set & ready to sew on my +$400 sewing machine that my fantastic Husband bought me a few years ago. A little more then half way through the needle breaks & shoots a flying piece in my neck, YIKES! I imagine too many things during those couple of seconds when it happen. I gotta say too much T.V. lets your mind go wild. The movie "Final Destination"came to mind. LOL, I know it's crazy right?

Well, I finished. Although I did not get to sew all the way but that's okay. I have to run and buy more needles. Here is my layout:
I pulled out this picture and wow is it old!

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  1. OMG!!! i hope you are ok!! Pretty scary with that needle flying out. I gasped when I read it. Great job using some scraps looks great!!

  2. oh yes, be careful! I have not ended up in the ER yet, and I am hoping you dont either lol! Love the page ... love the pic. xoxox


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