Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Imagine/Gypsy Update

Last night my Hubby tried for 3 hours. He was able to update BUT then after a half hour it froze. Yikes! He tried everything. He had just picked up a new laptop to update my Imagine and Gypsy.

With a new computer and all, no problem, right? Wrong. He got it updated but then the computer froze. He couldn't understand what he did wrong. Late at night no one to call or ask questions. He even tried to update our new computer.

This morning he called Cricut support hot line. No problem getting through or getting answers. He was told that "Yes, after 4:30 p.m. yesterday they had problems with the drivers" Yap! A problem with the drivers to update you Imagine was a huge problem.

Although, you may update your Gypsy with no problem, The matter with the Imagine is still being worked on and have it fixed by this afternoon sometime.

I still love my Imagine!! I like when things work out for the right timing. Let's be patient. The customer service man told my Hubby to keep checking back for the update to be corrected for drivers.


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