Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy Sweetest Day!!!

So many people may think this is just another Hallmark holiday. Well, it is BUT I enjoy it. I get reminded that those that we love we should appreciate. We should not forget,  but unfortunately we do. So I am glad to be reminded of this. 

Here is what I picked up for my super fantastic Hubby and I made him a card.
I cut this pizza into a heart shape.... :)

I picked up 3 balloons.
Made this card for my Hubby.
Inside of the card.
I added a lock with a key because my Hubby has my heart. :)
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My stamp logo. created2bunique
This is the cutest rub on transfer by Royal & Langnickel. Looks real, huh???
                               I used this transfer in the back of my card.

I hope that you can find something special for your sweetheart.


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