Thursday, July 23, 2015

New crafty ideas....

I have to be honest. Lately, I have tried different crafty techniques. Don't you at times get tired of the same old stuff and wanna do something different?

I have jewelry making, yarn thingy. Umm, homemade paper, Yudu, vinyl, and oh much more I can't even recall. 

Then I go back to doing what I LIKE best. Play with paper!!! 
So, faces have you gone through?

Mine lately was to buy all these super duper cute cut files from Kadoodle that can go with the super fantastic stamp set from A Creative Journey with Melissa.....
Here is the whole card.

Isn't that just super adorable with the stamp set?? Couldn't be more perfect.

You can go here for the stamp set and the cut file:

As always I use 450 Helmar quick Dry Glue to put it all together.



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