Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Fall Card

Man, oh man! We got hit with a few inches of snow. I was NOT prepared. This year I said I would be prepared  but oh nooooo, I was NOT!

C2BU pic
Wind was blowing everywhere. My /ice snow scrapper was in the garage. We only have 1 ice/snow scrapper. We were not prepared. We are just normal people that say "Next time we are at Wal-Mart we will it pick up." HA! It's been a year and we still have ONE! You wanna know how I cleaned my truck? With my brand new cute coat I had just bought the day before. I wanted to enjoy the FALL- where did it go? Sigh, I guess I still can make cards with the beautiful fall colors.
C2BU pic
Simple, easy and quick. Not much in the mood due to the S.N.O.W.
C2BU pic 

The stamp set I used was this..

Click it and order it. Tell Melissa from A Creative Journey with Melissa I sent you!
Isn't that super adorable? I love it!
Hope all are warm and safe, plus prepared!


  1. Beautiful fall cards! And your snowy picture is beautiful, too!! We are getting a couple of inches by morning!! Not really looking forward to it.
    Darcy BIF

  2. Stephanie B's Creative Designs here. LOVE your fall card!! LOVE the snowy picture too!! BL

  3. super fun fall card.. and great outdoor photo.. BL


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