Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fall Banner

This is the season I enjoy the most. Where most of us are Thankful for a lot things in our life. This also the season I hate because it is passed too quickly. We don't take the time to be still and enjoy season. Counting the blessing is impostant especially when MAJOR things happen. Such as death, cancer or separation of your family. Then we reflect back....
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It's important to always take 5 seconds to say "I love you", "Hey, I miss you" or "Hey, how are you?". Right?
Time goes by to fast and I just want to....
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Today I picked up dinner because I can't resist my son's puppy's eye when he says "Pleeeease". As we went home I sat down and he got his dinner 
and he headed to his game room. I say 
"Your going downstairs?" and he replies 
"Yeah, going to see Joseph." I then said "Oh.". 
It must have been my tone of voice that showed my sadness because he replies with "I can stay up here with you if you want."  Well, their goes my heart  melting again. 

Those are the moments I just want to .....
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Right? This are moments you want to smell the roses although it's cold and no roses but just enjoy....

One of the ladies I used to Design for her  Stamps had inspired me. Well, actually one of her kids. Her kid asked if she can make a Fall Banner. I got inspired. With that said I made mine out of chip board from Michaels for .39 cents!

C2BU pic
Hope you can see the banner okay....

C2BU pic
As I took the pictures with my iPhone....
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I was shopping for 4+ hours....
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Which is my other Hobby, LoL.

C2BU pic
Aren't those Pine cones and Acorns cute? From Micheals. They were PERFECT for the banner.
C2BU pic
The assorted RIBBON from my stash, if you have been reading my blog you saw it, from years of collecting.
The pattern paper I used was from Me and my BIG Ideas from 2009. The sayings I had won and don't know who makes it. 

So, take TIME and enjoy life.

Thanks Jess to your daughter for 
inspiring ME!!!


  1. That's a gorgeous banner!! I love it, Haidee!! And all the ribbons are awesome!!
    Darcy BIF

  2. Gorgeous banner, love the pretty colors and papers! All of the embellishments and details are just wonderful! BL

  3. Beautiful banner! Also nice to know I am not the only one that "gets lost" in Machael's! TFS from BIF

  4. Beautiful banner! You are so right, we should slow down and/or stop and enjoy the little moments. Now that my children are grown I reflect on all the wonderful times we had. We often gather and left as we remember those times. I was a divorced mother of three so funds were tight, rather than showering them with elaborate gifts, I showered them with love and lots of home made memories! I smile every time one of my children tell me they had the best childhood ever!
    Miranda :) BL

  5. What a beautiful banner! I love it!! BL, Sarah

  6. beautiful banner, love all the details on your banner!

  7. Oh my STARS!!! I love this banner!!! How fun is this! Great use of fibers and ribbon, also the patterns and all of the embellishments are Fantabulous!!!! Whoop Whoop!!! Great Job Loves-Madge

  8. Fantastic banner! Cool project! I’m stopping by to give you some Bloggie Love!

    La-Vie B.
    Follow me at C’est La-Vie Designs Unlimited, LLC

  9. LOVE the acorns! I found some on the ground a few years ago and tried to use them in a project . . . but I must not have fully dried them out before I started the projects . . . they did not last the whole season.

    Shawn ~ The Buckle Boutique Design Team Coordinator
    Crafty Chics Blog
    and ~ Find your Cricut images FAST!

  10. autumn always goes to fast for me too! bl


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