Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Cravery

Well, my 2 week vacation around my home is coming to a end this weekend. Since last November I had horrible medical conditions and well trying to recover is hard to do. I took advantage of the vacation and clean. Yes, I cleaned. But not with out treating myself at a few things. I am trying to supporting those around me that have those small business. One place called The Cravery. Oh my goodness. How can I express to you how SUPER FANTASTIC these cupcakes are. They are very delicate, delicious and mouth watering cupcakes. When you bite into any kind of cupcake you can just tell they are made with L.O.V.E.
If you are every around PLEASE go to her FaceBook page and request your order. Believe it or NOT but I place my order at 9 p.m.!!! Who does that?! I then got my order the NEXT day at noon?!! Once again ..WHO DOES THAT?! 
Yes, those small companies that go out of their way. Compare to those LARGE companies that make you wait a week, LoL
Okay, NOT all companies do but you get my point. "9 p.m." was late but Melissa was so kind enough to please my family!
C2BU pic

I had to take a picture of these cupcakes before they are GONE....
From left to right-Really Reese's~ chocolate cake with a Reese's peanut butter cup inside topped with a whipped buttercream peanut butter frosting, Death by Chocolate~ Chocolate cake with chocolate chips filled with caramel and top with a chocolate ganache and Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake Cupcakes.

C2BU pic

My Hubby stated that although my Duncan Hines cupcakes, out of a box, are good but you can't beat a cupcake that is unique from scratch. He LOVED the Strawberry Swirl Cheese cake cupcake. The one to the right.
C2BU pic

If you live around please order some. You will NOT be disappointed! I am glad that I had the chance to get a dozen and can't wait to go back for more.
Thanks Melissa!


  1. I love making cupcakes and experiment with fun favors. These look YUMMY! Hope you got all your cleaning dobro. TFS from BIF

  2. Oh man!!! and here I am trying to each raw! lol

  3. What a tease, those looks so delicious! BIF


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