Thursday, February 7, 2013

My 1st project-Silhouette Cameo & my view of it!

Hello, creative friends. How are you doing on your Valentine projects? Have you started? Or are you last minutes crafty like me? Okay, not all the time am I like that but heck, who doesn't have those days.

So, you read my TITLE... yes I got the Silhouette Cameo!!! I went to Michaels to spare some time before a doctor's appointment and hubby said if I wanted to look around the store. Don't have to ask me twice, lol.
As we were about to leave I said lets go in the back of the clearance aisle and just look. Then.....
Yes, it was on clearance!!! I took a picture and posted it on FaceBook and asked my FB creative friends IF it was a good price. Yes, I walked away. I got a lot of feed back to get it. Many had questions if it was a demo or if someone returned it.

So, I went to my appointment and still was getting lots of feed back from FB creative friends. Then as we were in the room for the doctor Hubby said "The Doctor is taking too long I'll be back and I'll just go pick up the machine". I said "No way not without me". lol

But what if was not there when we go back? What if someone grabs it before me? Do I really need it? All these questions were going through my head. 

Finally, my doctor walks we chat and then we head out. As we pull up to the parking lot of Michaels my heart was pounding and pounding. 

YES!! It was still their and my Hubby grabs it since it's on the high shelf and races me to the check out.

created2bunique created2bunique

My point of view of the Silhouette Cameo. Yes, it cuts great! Yes, it has features that the Cricut doesn't have. Yes, their is lots of FREE images out there. Yes, it's easy if your a little computer knowledge but their is LOTS of YouTube videos where you can watch for the Cameo. Which by the way I watched at least 3 plus hours. I did learn a lot and wow the things you can do that you can't do with the Cricut but I have to say that I still LOVE my Cricut. I still wanna do the unimaginable with both machines.

One thing I can say for every IMAGE I really want will cost me $.99- ? with the Cameo.

With the Cricut I pay $30-? for 30-? IMAGES in ONE cartridge so it not so bad that you buy one cartridge and has its many benefits when you combine it with the Gypsy? UNLIMITED!!! Okay, maybe you don't have a Gypsy but its amazing. It's just that one has give a chance what is great. 

Both cut the same. PERFECT!!! BOTH are amazing to do amazing projects. I love both Cricut and Cameo.


  1. If you get the subscription for the cameo cuts, you pay considerably less. They usually offer the subscription at a discount around Mother's Day... So be watching..
    <3 Pam

  2. Bargain of the day. You will find there are loads of free sites that offer SVG's and files you can use. Here is one for you to have a play - Bird has the most amazing files and I have used them with my Silhouette!

    They are fabulous!

  3. Wow! Lucky duck! I wish I could find a deal like that! I want one sooo bad but I just can't justify spending almost $300 for it when I have a cricut and about 200 cartridges!

  4. Hi there, where was this Michals? What a great deal.
    I want the Silhouette Cameo but the price here in Europe is 299 euro!
    One dollar is 0,30 euro....
    So count it out, 299 Euros = -387.5804 U.S. dollars
    It's not very honost... If someone know where the Cameo is 150,- dollar, maybe friends can help me and send it?
    I have some friends in USA.
    Does anyone know if the Cameo around Atlanta in store is for about 150,-?

    my regards Petra

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