Monday, January 18, 2016

My TOP Secrete Book

It's been TEN in half years since I had decided to challenge my brain and myself. Prior to that I had been working in the dental field for over 6 plus years. My Sister had introduced me to the field. I even worked with her and she was a super fantastic co-worker. We even had the doctors say it is not always that you can work with family.

Thee last ten in half years I have worked for the same Doctor. Not a big office. The office has always been about 5-6 of co-workers. I moved up to a position where I do all the business part but also Doctor's personal matters too. I enjoyed the challenge and I am really good at my job. Well, that is when I am not sick from the disease, diabetes, I have. Or other health issues I have too. I try very hard to be on top on the stuff but that doesn't always work.
Three years ago or so the Doctor had hired a gal that had just finished a class on medical coding. Guess who's idea it was for that?? Ugh, yes mine. 

A couple months ago she approached me and asked me for MY NOTES.....
Keep in mind its been years since she has been trained and was told to always take notes. I know you may find it odd to talk about this but I was very bother to what happen next. After, I told her I would feel uncomfortable her taking my notes plus the fact that I don't trust her. I said "No." to her. Guess what happened a month later?

She took my Note Book without my permission and made copies of every single page I had in my book. This is TEN in half years of notes I had personally taken. Everyone learns different. Me? I need notes. I recall in school always taking notes for my sake to remember but to look back too. Mind you when she had taken my NOTEBOOK I had been dealing with over TWO ,long, months of headaches.  

My heart sank and I felt disrespected. I felt like I was been taking advantage of too. As I was going through medical problem of months of  headaches. I was hurt, felt disrespected and angry. 
So, I decided to do what I do best and upscale my Top Secret Notebook.

So, what would you do if this happened to you? Is it cheating? Is it disrespecting? Is that person trying to look good for herself? Ugh, many questions passed in my mind. You tell me what your thoughts are.

By the way, I took all the copies, she had made of my notes,  and she has never approached me about it. So, in other words she knows I know she took copies of my notes. I never said anything to her and she has never said anything to me.

Here is my upscale NOTE BOOK....... Mod Podge it and added KandCompany paper. plus, some cute stuff on the spirals.



  1. I would have been very upset by this experience. I like that you found her copy of your notes and took them back - she had them without your permission. I think she is trying to take your job. Be strong! Sorry about your health problems - I hope you can find some relief. Your altered notebook is gorgeous! I suggest you hide it from your sneaky colleague!

  2. Wow - that is unbelievable. I am glad you got the copies back. Your notebook looks fantastic! bl

  3. Haidee, I think she is just jealous of you and why wouldn't she be, YOUR AWESOME!! For now on you should make up a notebook with all the wrong things and place it where she could take it. We could have so much fun if we worked together at your office. We would drive her crazy! :)

  4. (See above... What they all said! I agree!) So now what? You're hiding your notebook, or taking it with you everyday and keeping it in your personal belongings? That is crazy. Someone took your stuff. Wow. I would feel completely VIOLATED! Glad you got the notes back... I just hope she didn't make more than one copy. She needs to earn her own notes.

  5. Knowing the office you work in I would feel violated myself , I would request a meeting with her and the Doc if he would to confront her and hopefully doc would back u up on this that it will not be tolerated in his office Hugs Haidee!!! At least she will be warned her job is in jeopardy and she will not take yours in process.

  6. I would be so upset and feel so violated. I do think being a "tattle" is not always good, but you have such seniority...I would let the DR know what happened. I think he should know what kind of person she is...NOT NICE! down right UNETHICAL! Good luck getting through your health issues and this matter


  7. Talk to your boss, this is just WRONG! She is a thief.


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